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Maedhros: Collection of links (WIP)

Site very much under construction: at the moment and for a while to come, this will be a completely random set of links. If I manage to keep working on it, it might grow into an annotated Maedhros bibliography, covering: (1) fan fiction, (2) reference and secondary works and (3) images.
Corrections and updates accepted at any time, of course. If this ever becomes a serious proposition, I will also welcome suggestions for inclusion.

Now updated, but proceeding very slowly (no annotations worth speaking of yet).

Fan Fiction:

In Angband:
The Tempered Steel (Lyra): also covers the rescue and developments in Mithrim (1st place, MEFAs 2010)

After the Rescue in Mithrim:
Whom they Fear (Michiru)

Departure to East Beleriand:
Geography Lessons (Ithilwen)

A Letter to Fingon (Oshun)

After the Dagor Bragollach:
Too Long a Winter (clotho123)

The Fall of Doriath:
Changes (Calliopes Stylus)

Theft of Silmarils and Suicide:
Last Gasp (Elfique)

Life of Maedhros: complete account:
The Maedhros Saga (Ithilwen)

Theoretical Works and Reference:

Biography  [for  Seven in 07] (Dawn Felagund)

Take Pity upon Him: Did Maedhros Really Threaten to Kill Elrond and Elros at the Third Kinslaying? (Dawn Felagund)


Maedhros, son of Feanor (Gold-Seven)
Russandol (Melinir)
Maedhros (DappleHack): at the moment of his suicide

The Rescue from Thangorodrim:
Fingon and Maedhros (zdrava)

Together with Fingon (in other  contexts)::
Playing Chess (Oloriel): after the rescue in Mithrim
And You Found Me (Galadhen): after the War of Wrath (AU)
Maedhros Braiding Fingon's Hair (Alasse): in Valinor (AU)

Looking for Elured and Elurin:
Shadows From the Past (Hemhet): memories of the search (1st place in "Elves on the Snow" contest)
Rider (liga-marta)

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What a great idea! And I like how you'll organise the info.

Hello, I have to stop and thanks for the helpful idea. It would be nice to read some theories about intentions behind his actions as Tolkien's account of Meadhros is brief and cold, at least to me - an person making all wrong choices throughout his life, except probably the one.

Also, I'm not member of SWG, but I've red and loved your gloomy M/F story there and here is a good place to say it. You force reader's imagination beyond its (written) words:)

Thank you for your comment! I should really update this list soon, as interesting pieces featuring Maedhros have been written this month for a number of B2MEM challenges, but I'm finding it difficult to get around to this sort of thing at the moment.
And I'm really glad you like my story on SWG; thank you very much for telling me so!

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