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Extracts from Erestor's Library Catalogue, by Himring
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Originally posted by hhimring
at Extracts from Erestor's Library Catalogue, by Himring

Originally posted by hhimring
at Extracts from Erestor's Library Catalogue, by Himring (B2MeM 2015)
B2MeM Challenge: B2MeM 2016 Memories and B2MeM 2015 Marketplace: "Any kind of fanwork - story, art, craft - show us or tell us about a book/scroll/manuscript from Elrond’s library. Title, description, summary, cover, binding, endpapers, the art of book-binding, illumination or anything related, or a story about one particular book, be it its creation, history, content, or just playing a major role in any kind of story. It doesn’t have to be a complete work/book either. Anything goes here, provided it centers around anything that has to do with the Library of Rivendell." - ysilme
Format: catalogue, WIP
Genre: meta
Rating: General
Warnings: none
Characters: Erestor
Pairing: Rivendell's librarian/books
Erestor tries hard to keep track of Rivendell's growing number of books. It can be a bit of a struggle, especially in March...
Creator's Notes:
Please help by submitting any books or literary works you invent for B2MeM 2015 fanworks in the comments to this post (with link to the post, if possible). They don't have to be invented for a Rivendell book prompt to be included, but it would be appreciated if you mentioned briefly how the work ended up in the Rivendell library, if your fanwork itself doesn't already make it obvious!
ETA 2016: I never finished this--but I thought I'd re-post: partly as a rec list for last year's B2MeM stories and partly to throw it open more widely. If  in a fic of yours you invented a book or manuscript contained in the Rivendell library, whether it was for B2MeM 2015 or not, you are invited to let me know in the comments. (Not sure whether I can manage any Erestor snark for new accessions...)

The Tale of Beren and Luthien.
Language: Quenya.
Rumoured to have been written by Maglor Feanorion himself (!).
Location: top shelf
Note: recently consulted by Estel (Aragorn).
Note/2: section on Nargothrond mysteriously missing (Maglor?)
Note/3: see also copies of the Tale in Sindarin and Westron
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

Healing Diseases of the Spirit
Location: top shelf
Note: consulted by Elrond and more recently by Aragorn
Note/2: see also "Yavanna’s travels in Middle-earth"
Scribe: Linda Hoyland (lindahoyland)

Scrolls on Narsil
Location: several shelves, labelled by Gilraen
Note: recently consulted by Aragorn
Note/2: see also "documents on Telchar"
Scribe: Suzelle (suzll)

Note to self: Have conversations with Aragorn about his reading habits--with especial emphasis on careful treatment of books!

Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth
Note/1: for a time the sole surviving copy!
Note/2: see also: other philosophical writings by Finrod (notebooks)
Note/3: see also: other non-philosophical writings by Finrod re Edain (not publicly accessible; to consult, request from Elrond directly)
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

There Is No Returning
Note/1: a collection of poems about Cuiviénen
Note/2: contains "I looked first on stars"  by Anon.
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

Love Poems Of The Noldorin
Note/1: includes "I looked first on stars" by Anon.
Note/2: may contain poems allegedly by "Anon." that the authors preferred not to acknowledge...
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

7) Translations From The Elvish (Volume 2) by Bilbo Baggins
Note/1: includes "I looked first on stars" by Anon.
Note/2: vol. 2 of a set of 3
Note 3: request return of vol.1 from Aragorn and return of vol. 3 from Lindir (!)
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

8) Form And Function Of First Age Poetry, attributed to Maglor Feanorion
Note/1: includes discussion (and praise) of  "I looked first on stars" by Anon.
Note/2: in fact, obviously written in the 2nd Age in Lindon (cf, title)
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)

Development of earthenware drinking vessels in Gondor and Arnor, by Cennan
Note/1: Gondor: prone to patterned handles;
Note/2: Arnor: fond of solid bases
See also: comic songs of the fifth century; evolution of the tra-la-la songs
Scribe: Rhymer

A Treatise on the Herbs of the North and Their Associated Lore, by Lasseth
Note/1: note on author: occasionally called the "great Lasseth" in view of her medical authority
Note/2: consulted by Estel (Aragorn)
Note/3: said also to contain remedies suitable for rabbits
Scribe: Rhymer

An illustrated treatise on the beards of Annúminas
Note/1: shelfmark?!
Note/2: reconsider categorization
Scribe: Rhymer

Bunnykins' Big Adventure: a tale for very young Men, by Tegoldir
Note/1: keep on bottom shelf
Note/2: "boing"
Scribe: Rhymer

Note to self: Have a word with Tegoldir about the contents of that 20th scroll.

Rhymes For Little People
Note/1: Maglor's autograph
Note/2: self-portrait on fol. 6 verso
Note/3: Elrond's personal copy; on  permanent loan
Note/4: for use in the library and copying purposes only! (for borrowing by children there are currently four other copies)
Note/5 includes "The Lore of Living Creatures" (original version?)
Scribe: Amy Fortuna (starbrow)


On the Nature of Thought. A study by Nelyafinwë Maitimo Fëanárion, Tirion upon Túna, 1453.
Note 1: second edition, despite the date  (the revised "left-handed" version)
Note 2: obtained from Elrond
Note: 3: Elrond's comment: I missed the chance to acquire the precious original, because I thought the contents were superseded by the revised version. I was young; I didn't know any better!
Scribe: Oloriel / Lyra

The Memoirs of Hildifons Took, also Known as Trotter: His Adventures Beyond the Bounds of the Shire.
Note 1: Dated: The Year 2938, of the Third Age, being 1338 of the Shire Reckoning.

Note 2: Apparently in Hildifons' own hand.
Note 3: Now on permanent loan to Peregrine Took and the Took family
Note 4: Copy supplied by Peregrine Took and delivered to Rivendell by Meriadoc Brandybuck
Scribe: Dreamflower

The Lore of Old Númenor
Note 1: recommended to Faramir by Elladan or Elrohir (he seems to be not sure which of the twins it was!)
Original scribe: Linda Hoyland
This copy written by: Dreamflower

The History of the Kings of Arnor
Note 1: contains some gruesome details on the death of Aragorn I
Note 2: once young Estel's favourite bedtime reading
Note 3: rejected by Arwen for young Eldarion's education
Original scribe: Linda Hoyland
This copy written by: Dreamflower

Walking in the Northern Kingdoms
Note 1: with exquisite illustrations of Arnor's fauna and flora
Note 2: frequently borrowed by Bilbo Baggins
Note 3: autograph draft of Bilbo Baggins's Travelling Song found inserted at fol.75a (between drawings of a hare and of a rabbit)
Note 4: on permanent loan to the Royal Library at Minas Tirith
Original scribe: Linda Hoyland
This copy written by: Dreamflower

Life and deeds of the chieftains of the Dúnedain
Note 1: Continued up to the death of Arathorn
Note 2: Which is not actually the end
Scribe: Zdenka

‘Lore and Customs of the Dúnedain’
Note 1: Recently borrowed by Glorfindel.
Note 2: Actually not all that informative about extra-marital affairs
Note 3: Binding slightly scuffed from being dropped
Note 4: Now returned to its *proper* location
Scribe: CuriousWombat

Records of Annatar, collected by Elrond
Note 1: One of a set of five volumes. See also: Biography of Elros Tar-Minyatur; Elendil and the City of Annuminas; Isildur and Anarion; All about the Dunedain
Note 2: Borrowed by Frodo Baggins after the Council of Elrond (but still he managed not to miss dinner)
Note 3: Previously studied by Aragorn (Estel)
Scribe: Shirebound

"Eärendil was a mariner" (the pantoum version)
Note 1: Contained in a scroll on a very high inaccessible  shelf
Note 2: Based on the well-known poem by Bilbo Baggins
Note 3: Said to have been penned by Elrond the same evening he had first heard Bilbo recite his poem!
Scribe: Kaylee Arafinwiel

Annals of the History of the Third Age
Note 1: Hundreds of volumes, all bound in soft grey leather with the years of the Age tooled on the spine
Note 2: Used by Meriadoc Brandybuck to compile his notes for the Tale of Years
Note 3: See also: worn volume bound in tooled black leather on the beginning of the First Age
Note 4: See also: working notes by Erestor on First and Second Ages, compiled for Master Brandybuck
Scribe: Dreamflower

ETA 2015: Erestor's still working on this, although his updates are irregular and may be a little delayed.

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I might ask Erestor for some of the books; but even as a catalogue it's great. And notes, notes of the librarian - ah! (I'm a librarian. I know.)

Glad you enjoyed it!
(Yes, I'd like a look at some of those books, too!)

Thank you!
I had fun compiling it!

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