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[sticky post]Tolkien Fan Fiction: General Disclaimer and Blanket Statement
The Tolkien fan fiction on this journal was written and posted without any intention of infringing the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien's estate, whose property the characters and stories remain (and also without any intention of infringing any rights of New Line Cinema or anyone involved in the making of the movies).
Stories and other texts have been written solely for the purpose of the writer's own enjoyment and to share that enjoyment with her associates and readers. No other profit is made or will be made from them by the writer.


You are welcome to translate or podfic any of my fanworks that are not f-locked, if you wish. Please credit the original and let me know if you post the translation or podfic to a public site.
If you are on my f-list or if we have corresponded on matters Tolkien elsewhere, you are also welcome to remix my stories (except for the f-locked ones). If you are not known to me, I'd prefer it if you told me of your intentions first but I will almost certainly give you the permission to do so. This only applies to true remixes (that is, if more than a third of your story is closely based on mine). You are welcome to quote or use my stories in other more minor ways, as long as you credit them, without asking for permission. I like being informed of all kinds of use made of my stories, but it is not mandatory.
Please do not re-post whole stories to any other site without asking for my permission. You are welcome to link to them without asking, though.
These permissions are given on the assumption that any use made of my fanworks will be as strictly not-for-profit as my works themselves are.


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